As a person with mental health issues and few family and friends around, Jaime was struggling financially. She often relied on the support of food banks and other community services to meet her basic needs. Living in isolation during the pandemic, Jaime’s mental health declined greatly and accessing the supports she needed became extremely challenging. Travelling to food banks, drop-ins or other services was beyond what Jaime felt she could manage on a day-to-day basis.

Friends of Friends Clubhouse stepped in to fill this gap and helped Jaime get through this difficult time by delivering prepared lunches, snacks, and warm dinners to her home, which she called “little bags of hope.” The Outreach Program provided meals for Jaime that she could not afford or access otherwise, and social connection that made her feel she was cared for by her community. The support of United Way British Columbia donors gave Jaime the resources and hope she needed to make it through incredibly trying times.