October 2017 – Pushor Mitchell Lawyers kicked off their 2017 United Way workplace campaign with a visit from United Way and Phillipa Douglas of Karis Support Society. Staff learned about the incredible impact of their donations to support 1 in 3 people in our community. They enjoyed a busy week full of fundraising activities raising over $15,000 through payroll deductions and special events!

The Pushor Mitchell team gathers for the 2017 campaign kickoff!

Add that to their Day of Caring sponsorship and Pushor Mitchell contributions are well over $20,000 this year!!

Special thanks to this year’s Campaign Coordinators, Alyssa and Leah, along with HR Manager, Jennifer McKenzie for pulling all of this together.

To date, Pushor Mitchell has raised a whopping $213,823 for United Way and the community! Incredible!! Thanks so much for your generosity and support!!

Paul Mitchell and Andrew Brunton pose with Pushor Mitchell HR Manager, Jennifer McKenzie, staff and campaign coordinators for the 2016 cheque presentation

2016 – Big thank you goes out to Pushor Mitchell employees proving that once again that they are committed to the community in which they work. Pushor Mitchell donates funds from their downtown Kelowna office in order to make positive changes in our communities. At the end of a successful workplace campaign, Pushor Mitchell LLP presented United Way CSO with a cheque for $18,977 for the 2016 campaign.  Over the past ten years they have raised over $180,000.

In the Spring of 2017, Pushor Mitchell became the corporate sponsor for the United Way Day of Caring and on on April 3, 2017 mobilized over 100 employees to complement another 50 volunteers to work all afternoon at 13 projects in the Central and South Okanagan. This event termed the Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring® matches volunteers with agencies in need of help with various projects, saving charities time and resources.

The Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring® is an annual community-wide event where United Way coordinates teams of volunteers from the local area and matches them with projects at local charities. Volunteer teams take on light construction, gardening and maintenance tasks while gaining behind-the-scenes insight into the work of local non-profit agencies. Multiple projects are completed resulting in hundreds of hours invested in just one day. By participating in a Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring, workplaces increase agencies’ capacity for helping by completing jobs that otherwise go unfinished or take agency staff away from their important helping roles. It really shows the importance of businesses giving back to community. We are very happy to partner with them on this incredibly impactful volunteer event.

Central Okanagan Appreciation Event

Pushor Mitchell Day of Caring

A huge thank you goes out to Pushor Mitchell Lawyers LLP for sponsoring the United Way Day of Caring and for being a long time corporate partner that has been supporting us through their generous workplace campaign contributions.

Pushor Mitchell Day of Caring

“Not only is Pushor Mitchell proud to sponsor the United Way Day of Caring, it is an amazing opportunity for us to close our office, get involved and see first hand the significant impact United Way has in our community.”  

– Terry Edwards, Chief Operating Officer, Pushor Mitchell LLP

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