United Way leverages partnerships, engages countless volunteers and solicits in-kind services and donations to keep expenses low and maximize our investment in communities.

Most importantly for our funded partners, the funding we provide enables them to save on admin and fundraising costs so they can focus on their front-line services for the vital programs they deliver.

We do our homework

We work hard to make sure that donations are invested in the most responsible and impactful way possible. Long-standing community partners and knowledgeable United Way staff work together to set community impact goals that are specific to our region. Who better to make investments in our community than those who live in it?

The thorough manner in which we assess funding opportunities is one of the reasons United Way is such a trusted name. Non-profit organizations applying for funding must meet specific criteria, demonstrating financial stability and show that their social services are moving the needle on key issues for kids, poverty or community. Local volunteer community impact teams carefully evaluate charity applications and assist in the final decision regarding allocations.

Learn more about the application and allocation process by visiting our Funding page.

Community collaboration

The United Way is committed to collaborating with like-minded people, groups, agencies, governments and businesses on local issues. The United Way is passionate about working with other community leaders to identify local human service needs, establish priorities for addressing them, and garner the resources required to meet them.

Local giving. Local results.

At United Way, we are working with community, agency and corporate partners to create long-term change. We believe that we can make a real and lasting impact because we have seen lives changed through our support.

100% of your donations stay local going to non-profit agencies, programs and services that either can’t get the funding elsewhere or don’t necessarily have the in-house resources to do the fundraising.

The following statistics, stories and community investments demonstrate the impact United Way is having right here in our region.

Help us create a better life for everyone in our communities.


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