With over 50% of single parents living in poverty and spending more than 30% of their household income on housing, Sarah is not alone in her struggle to support her three young children both financially and emotionally. Her youngest, Ben, is a toddler who needed extra support for his social and emotional development. Sarah was not sure how to provide this help given the financial barriers she was facing, and her struggle to support herself and her other two children emotionally.

Sarah sought support through the Childhood Connections’ Nourish Families Initiative initially for food security support. She was connected to a Community Support Worker who was able to provide access to locally made frozen meals. After a few conversations, other supports were suggested including toys and activities from the Early Learning Resources Library, and activity bags for all Sarah’s children. This extra vital connection with the support worker enabled Ben to learn how to put things in and out of puzzles, how to stand up by himself, and interact with his environment in a positive way. An additional support was also provided through Playful Healing, a play therapy program run through Childhood Connections. With these essential supports, Ben has been able to develop his gross motor and cognitive skills and reach developmental milestones that prior to the supports from Childhood Connections would not have been within the families reach.

Ben, his mum, and siblings have benefited immensely from Childhood Connections’ supportive programs, which are powered by donors like you who care about our communities and are passionate about improving the lives of children like Ben and their families.