March 12, 2020 – United Way Southern Interior BC is monitoring the COVID-19 situation as the World Health Organization is now terming it a pandemic.

Given that social distancing is being advised wherever possible to help contain the spread of this virus, many people will be spending more time in self isolation, telecommuting, and choosing to stay home away from large crowds.

The health and safety of our clients, community partners, volunteers and staff are paramount so we are following best practices during this outbreak. Stay tuned for updates if anything changes. In the mean time, some sage advice regarding the reality of social isolation during this health crisis…

Social Isolation

If you choose to work remotely or self-isolate due to illness, this could lead to feelings of disconnection so here are some ways to stay in touch with family and friends while keeping yourself and your community safe.

Seniors are particularly vulnerable. Now is a good time to start a contact phone list in your community of folks that need extra support. Consider starting a Facebook group to share information and resources. Hi Neighbour Facebook groups can also be a great way to stay in touch.

Feeling connected is vital to our well being. Reach out and let people know you’re thinking about them.

This can be as simple as:

• Making time with friends for real time phone conversations
• If you’re online use Skype or Zoom to check in or to facilitate meetings
• Send messages of support through social media
• Check in over text
• Reduce stress, however that looks for you. Meditation/soothing music help
• Get some fresh air and invite a neighbour along
• Go to trusted news sources for information

Please also consider these guidelines from WHO.

“Avoid crowded places, especially if you are over 60 or have an underlying health condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart and lung diseases or cancer. Maintain at least 1 metre of distance between yourself and anyone who has a fever or cough.”

Full list of ways to reduce the risk here:…/seven-simple-steps-to-protect-yourself…

Above all, please know that you are not alone. 💕 💕

We wish everyone health and wellness,

Your United Way SIBC Board and Staff