UPDATE – The Operation Take Two team have arrived back home from their whirlwind adventure in Toronto to pitch their project on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

The team states “We are not allowed to disclose what happened in the Den, unfortunately, but it was a truly great experience. There is no guarantee that we will be aired on an episode (however, it was strongly insinuated that our chances are high). Episodes are set to air from late September to late December, and we would receive a few weeks’ notice if we were selected to be aired.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the airing of their pitch to the Dragons.









ORIGINAL – From a simple high school project to a burgeoning social and environmental movement, Operation Take Two sets an example of what passion and youth leadership can accomplish.

Congratulations to Operation Take Two, a Youth Initiative Grant recipient of 2018, for being invited to CBC’s Dragon’s Den to pitch their compelling project. Receiving another grant of $2000 from The Central Okanagan Foundation and United Way’s GenNext kicking in $300 to help the student team travel to and from the Dragons’ Den to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They stand to gain national attention and begin making necessary connections to expand Operation Take Two beyond the Okanagan and impact an even greater positive change in the world.

About Operation Take Two

Operation Take Two is a youth-led social enterprise revolutionizing the global issue of waste by paring it down to a replicable, community response. They do this by packing everything needed to recycle plastic waste into a repurposed shipping container—allowing them to transform plastic waste into practical, one-of-a-kind items such as plant pots and reusable grocery bags. Through the sale of these items, they generate a profit that not only ensures the project’s sustainability but allows them to expand the project to new cities and invest in other community youth-led initiatives. In this way, they equip young people with valuable social and entrepreneurial skills and create a self-sustaining community hub for youth-led creativity, education, and empowerment.

Upon discovering that Canadians produce approximately 6 pounds of waste every day, a group of students part of the Rutland Senior Secondary Rotary-Interact Club were motivated to take action on this burgeoning issue. Thus the project began in November 2017. The team researched, networked, and educated themselves on aspects of engineering and entrepreneurship tirelessly for a year and a half to develop the project. Their dedication resulted in many successes, such as winning the local Sustainable Development Challenge, placing top six in the Innovation Generation entrepreneurship challenge, and fostering 13 strong community partnerships. These achievements did not come without struggle. The team experienced challenges to maintain progress with their small size, as well as difficulty acquiring the necessary funds, expertise, and legitimacy to make the project successful as a young, predominantly female team. Not one to take no for an answer, they persevered to secure over $50,000 to date in grants, donations, and in-kind donations. The project is in its final stages of preparation and is set to announce a grand opening for early June.

For more information on this youth-led social enterprise check out their website: https://www.operationtaketwo.com/ as well as their Facebook Page