Shown above: Deb with KARIS Support Society, Mike with Elevation Outdoors

Below are a just a few of the local stories from the United Way funded programs that impact local children, youth and families.

Ashley and Jennessey’s Story

When Jennessey was born, Ashley was facing difficult challenges in her life – from the isolation she felt after her father died, to her abusive partner being released from jail. Ashley relapsed, and her baby girl was taken away from her and placed in care.

Through a United Way funded program, Ashley was able to focus on her recovery and on developing a secure attachment with her daughter. She feels that KARIS has helped empower her to be a good mother.

“When funders like United Way can offer funding to essential items for babies, we can say to the parent, ‘We are going to look after you… community partners are coming alongside for items for your baby, so you don’t have to worry about that now… you can work on your health.’” Deb, KARIS Support Society

Tim’s Story

Initially a shy, young boy, Tim joined a low-barrier outdoor recreation program 4 years ago to help build his social skills and manage his diabetes. Through a leadership program made possible by United Way’s Social Enterprise Accelerator Fund, Tim grew more confident in his skills and demonstrated growth as a leader amongst his peers.

Without the United Way’s support through both Core Funding and the SEA Fund a number of the opportunities we have been able to provide for Tim would not have been possible. To see a young man transition from an angry young man who struggled with authority and making friends to now see him as a leader within our programs is priceless.” – Mike, Elevation Outdoors




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