The by-name list would assist in planning services for the community

Penticton Western News – February 17, 2021

Penticton’s 100 More Homes plans to create a unified list of local people experiencing homelessness in the community.

In a presentation to Penticton city council on Feb. 16, the community group provided an update on the last year, and their plans ahead which includes the creation of a by-name list.

“A by-name list, would be a real-time list of those currently experiencing homelessness in the community,” said Naomi Woodland, coordinator of 100 More Homes Penticton.

The list would help to provide information such as the in- and out-flow of people in the homeless population, as well as information on individuals with the services they need.
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Photo credit: Penticton’s Burdock House supportive housing on Winnipeg St. is one of the B.C. Housing buildings the City of Penticton wants audited. (Brennan Phillips Western News)