Every night in Canada, over 35,000 people are sleeping outside or in precarious locations, some visible and some hidden. Sleeping in cars and on the floors and couches of friends and family is more commonplace than you might think. However, the numbers are difficult to estimate. In our local communities, Point In Time counts estimate the number of people sleeping outside on a given night; for Penticton, 118 people sleep unhoused. In Kelowna, it is at least 297 people every single night. Over 25% of those experiencing homelessness are over the age of 55, and 29% lost their housing due to loss of income.

Homelessness Action Week invites you to take action to support people experiencing homelessness from October 12-18th. See the infographic below from the Lived Experience group in Penticton, and join the movement!

#startwithhome #housingfirst #housingisahumanright