Lots of happy donors received treasured family dessert recipes!

October 22, 2020 (Kelowna) – A huge thanks to Doris Maria Bregolisse for her unique and tasty fundraiser. The last of the apple strudel was delivered this week to United Way SIBC office and we can happily attest to the incredible taste and presentation. In total, $2350 was raised from eight local donors thanks to Nick Arkle and Gorman Bros. who donated $1000!

The fundraiser was initiatied by Doris Maria Bregolisse, Evening News Anchor and producer with Global Okanagan television news, as a challenge at the United Way SIBC 70th campaign kickoff in September. Doris offered to bake her treasured family strudel recipe for anyone donating $100 or more.

The participating companies included City of Kelowna, Coast Capital Savings, Gorman Bros. Lumber and RBC. In addition, local MP Tracy Gracy donated and helped bake as well as United Way Board members, Jen Robins and Sinead Scanlon and Executive Director, Kahir Lalji invested in the tasty treats.

Facebook videos:

The effort, ingredients and results were quite remarkable:

  • 8 extra large strudel +1 for DiMaria’s at Bella Rosa Orchards for donating 60 lbs of apples
  • 30 hours volunteered making, baking and delivering
  • 9 lbs of flour
  • 5 lbs of sugar
  • 5 lbs of butter
  • 9 presentation platters and 2 ceramic pie plates

“And endless feelings of being grateful for the support of the United Way BC Southern Interior in our community, their partners, my employer for being understanding as I endeavoured to meet the demand, and our community for loving a traditional dessert that has been enjoyed for centuries by my ancestors,” said Doris Bregolisse.

As I put my last one together, I imagined my Opa sitting beside the kitchen table cutting apples into his bowl as my Oma stretched the dough over her well-worn cooking sheet. Other times I thought about my dad, eating my mother’s strudel, the same one his mother made before he escaped communism in the back of a woodtruck. They were grateful for a peaceful life in Canada where they could help their family have more than they ever did.”

The fundraiser sparked also Global Okanagan community news story about Micro-fundraiser and the challenges of fundraising in a global pandemic:

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