Shown above: Joi and Wylie playing

Below are a just a few of the local impact stories from the United Way funded programs that support healthy people and strong communities.

Joi and Wylie’s Story

Wylie was born with Down Syndrome. His family lives in Princeton, which is about an hour away from the nearby city of Penticton. Through a United Way funded program, Wylie is able to receive constant outreach and therapy support from OSNS – which helps to constantly improve his speech and motor skills.

“Through OSNS, I had a strong foundation to navigate parenthood – navigating becoming a parent of a child with special needs. I just can’t imagine – literally because they’ve been there from the beginning – having to do this without OSNS. I really feel like as there are other parents in this, with me. They’re part of our family.” – Joi, Wylie’s mom

Bob’s Story

After going through a life changing traumatic experience, Bob was stuck at home suffering with moderate to severe PTSD and anxiety. Through a low barrier United Way funded trauma counselling program, Bob’s outlook on life has significantly improved.

“For the past 4-5 weeks, I have noticed the positive impact that the group has had on me. As early as the second week, I had already been introduced to coping strategies that allowed me to break the debilitating condition I had found myself in. This group has changed my life.” – Bob

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