Fines from parking tickets to be donated to housing project

(Penticton, December 13, 2017) – Motorists receiving parking tickets between December 12 and
December 31 can now choose to donate their fine to the 100 Homes Penticton campaign. 100 Homes
Penticton is a local campaign to provide housing and supports to 100 people by July 2018.

“Effective solutions to our region’s homeless challenges are an ongoing concern regardless of the time
of year” said Penticton Mayor, Andrew Jakubeit. “This holiday season the City of Penticton’s Bylaw
Services Department wants you to help pay it forward by helping 100 Homes Penticton reach their goal
of supporting 100 people by July 2018”.

“We know Penticton is generous and people want to help those in need.” said Tanya Behardien, Chair of
the 100 Homes Penticton partnership. “Our projects offer much-needed access to housing for
individuals in very vulnerable situations. Somewhere to live is that first step in people feeling they can keep moving forward.”

How it works:

During this 20 day period, any parking or traffic ticket issued by Bylaw Officers will be changed
to a warning if motorists donate the fine amount to 100 Homes Penticton.

  • This offer applies only to those motorists who choose to dispute or pay their fine at City Hall
    when speaking to Cashier or Bylaw staff.
  • After receiving the fine amount as indicated on the ticket, the Cashier will deposit it to a Kindness Meter/100 Homes work order.
  • After December 31, staff will arrange for the monies donated to be sent to 100 Homes Penticton by cheque.

100 Homes Penticton is part of a larger, national campaign called 20,000 Homes that is organized by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. To learn more, please visit –

Download the Media Release from City of Penticton website